Helpful Tips

Helpful Home Computer Fixes

1. Having trouble getting on the internet?

  • Try resetting the Router and Modem. This works for Comcast, Verizon, or whoever your internet provider may be. Here are the steps:
    • Turn off your computer
    • Power off the Modem – if it has a power switch turn if off, if not just unplug it
    • Power off your Router if you have one – if it has a power switch turn if off, if not just unplug it
    • Power on the Modem and wait for all the lights to come on. This usually takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute
    • Power on your Router and wait for all the lights to come on. This usually takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute
    • Turn your computer back on
    • If the internet still does not work, call your provider first and if they cant help gives us a call

2. Computer is locked and will not do anything

  • Press CTRL-ALT-DEL simultaneously. If that pops up Windows or take you to another screen then wait a few minutes and see if the computer starts responding. If it is still not responding, see if you have an option to restart
  • If it does not respond at all, hold down the power button till it shuts down. Wait about 1 minute then power back on
  • It should be functioning properly again

3. Want to get your laptop battery to last longer?

  • Turn down the screen brightness and turn off the wireless when not connected. Dimming the screen and turning off the wireless could gain you up to an hour of extra battery life in total.

4. There are many ways to print a document. You can print a document quickly if you put a shortcut to the printer on your desktop and drag a document to it. There is no need to open the file for printing, just drag the file to the printer icon and get your document. Here are the steps:

  • Click the Start Button, Settings, then Printers (first make sure you installed your printer). When the Printers windows opens, hold down CTRL and drag the printer icon to your system desktop
  • Now you can drag a document icon and drop it on the printer icon on your desktop. You can now print quickly and without opening the file.

Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows Shortcut keys 
Press windows key to open Start menu
Win+R Apply to open Run dialog box
Win+M Apply to minimize all opened windows
Win+Shift+M Apply to maximize all opened windows
Win+L Press keys to lock keyboard in Windows XP
Win+E Press keys to open My Computer
Win+F Apply to open Search options
Win+U Apply keys to open Utility Manager
Win+D To view desktop/minimize all windows
Win+F1 To view the Detail windows help page
Win+Pause To view the System Properties dialog box
Win+Tab Move through Taskbar programs
Win+F+Ctrl Apply to open Search for computers
Alt+Tab Move through opened Windows programs
Alt+F4 Press keys to close active Windows program
Alt+Enter Apply to open Properties of selected item
Alt+ SPACEBAR Open the System Menu of active window
Alt+ SPACEBAR +N Press keys to minimize the active program
Alt+ SPACEBAR +R Press keys to restore the active program
Alt+ SPACEBAR+C Press keys to close the active program
Alt+ SPACEBAR+X Press keys to maximize the active program
Alt+ SPACEBAR+M Press keys to move the active program
Ctrl+Alt+Delete Apply to open Windows Task Manager
Ctrl+Shift+Esc Apply to open Windows Task Manager
Ctrl+Esc Press keys to open Start Menu
Shift Shift key to prevent CD from automatically playing
Shift+Delete To delete items permanently

Internet Explorer shortcuts keys 
CTRL+A Selects the all items on active page
CTRL+B Display the Organize Favorites dialog box
CTRL+D Add the active page to your favorites list
CTRL+F Display Find dialog box to search text on active page
CTRL+I Display the Favorites pane
CTRL+H Display the History pane
CTRL+N Use to open new Internet Explorer page
CTRL+P Use to print the active web page
CTRL+W Closes the active explorer window
CTRL+Tab Go to address bar of current explorer page
ALT+Home Use to open the home page of internet explorer
ALT+Left Arrow Go to previous page of active page
ALT+Right Arrow Go to next page of active page
ALT+A Go to Internet Explorer Favorites Menu
ALT+D Go to address bar of current explorer page
ALT+E Go to Internet Explorer Edit Menu
ALT+F Go to Internet Explorer File Menu
ALT+T Go to Internet Explorer Tools Menu
ALT+V Go to Internet Explorer View Menu
Tab Move forward between all items on active web page
F5 Refresh the active web page
F11 Press F11 key to view any webpage in full-screen view, then press again for normal view.
CTRL+ENTER Windows will automatically add both “www” and “.com”. For example, if we type yahoo in the address bar and press CTRL+ENTER it will take us to